Representing the most passionate brands in cycling and skiing to New Englands Speciality Retailers and Customers

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Jackalope Sports Group LLC proudly represents the most passionate brands in cycling and skiing, here in New England. These brands and their products are carefully selected from each sector of the outdoor retail marketplace and compliment each other in the store, on the floor, and on the bike. All products are that of passion and innovation. Jackalope Sports Group works with speciality retailers to bring those products to speciality customers in New England. Each is represented with enthusiasm only paralleled by the quality and uniqueness of the products themselves.

We pride ourselves in bringing you the resources needed to continue building upon your success. This ranges from quick responses with accurate information, to brand tools in order to better place and represent product. All inquiries are responded same day, within normal shop hours. We work all day, every day while making sure there's time to get out and play, just the same as you do, every day.

Owned and operated by Josh Saxe out of Montpelier, VT. An industry professional for over 10 years, working in retail shops on the sales floor, in the back shop, and on the hill; experience is not lacking in departments related to performance and gratification of quality. Jackalope Sports Group is operated with the belief that you best sell and represent that which you use, and as such, each brand is not only represented in a sales representative capacity, but also utilized in the capacity of an athlete. Tried, tested, and true.


Cycling and skiing's most passionate products in New England's speciality retailer locations.

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